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  • Pick your domain name from the Portfolio of Super Hero Names.
  • Depending on the domain name you choose and the price of the domain name, we can arrange to close the sale using PayPal, Escrow.Com or occasionally GoDaddy Auctions Buy It Now.  In short, we'll arrange the purchase in such a way that you are comfortable.
  • Use the form on the domain name sales page to ask any questions you have or to let me know you're ready to purchase your Super Hero Name.
  • I'll get right back to you to assist you in completing the purchase - it's easy!
  • Contact me with any questions or problems at any time if you need help with something.

Why a Great Domain Name Matters (Short Version)

$4,831,546.35 Reasons!

There are lots of reasons why it's important for you to choose a great domain name for your business or profession, but to keep it short and simple consider this:

The top 100 reported domain name sales of all time according to each sold for over $1 million, with the average domain name sale being $4,831,546.35.

Here's the point: if major corporations are paying out 7 and 8 figures for the domain names they want, they must believe that there will be a substantial return on the investment.

These corporations know that choosing the right domain name, or in most cases domain names, can produce significant revenue.

Clearly, successful companies have carefully studied the issue and they know exactly what they are doing.  Do you think it might be wise for the rest of us to watch and learn?

I saw that getting the right Internet real estate was the most urgent and time sensitive of all things. And I knew there was plenty of time to build. Just like oceanfront land or land in Times Square. Securing the location was the key and time was of the essence.

  Rick Schwartz
Domain Name Investor
Bob Page
Super Hero Domains

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How Your Purchase Will Work

You'll deal directly with me, Bob Page, the owner of Cyberspace Digital, LLC, which owns the domain names and this website. Keeping with the "comic book" theme, that's a rough depiction of me to the left.

You'll find my contact information listed to the left, so if you decide to buy a domain name or if you have any questions - I'm your guy. It's not hard to contact me.

Secure Payment

To protect you and your payment details, I process all sales through either PayPal, Escrow.Com or GoDaddy Auctions Buy It Now.

(In order to purchase a Buy It Now auction using GoDaddy Auctions, you need a yearly membership which costs $4.99 per year.  GoDaddy charges this small fee mainly to be sure bidders are real and not scammers.  You can read more and sign up here.)

If the domain you choose is being offered through Escrow.Com, then Escrow.Com will walk you through the purchase.  It's easy and I'll pay 100% of the fees charged by Escrow.Com.  If you're not familiar with how Escrow.Com works, you can learn more here.