Your Domain Name Matters!

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I saw that getting the right Internet real estate was the most urgent and time sensitive of all things. And I knew there was plenty of time to build. Just like oceanfront land or land in Times Square. Securing the location was the key and time was of the essence.

  Rick Schwartz
Domain Name Investor

I try to keep it simple and uncomplicated, but there are a few details that we should be clear on so when you buy your domain name it's everything you expected with no surprises.  Here they are:

Terms of Sale

Buying a domain name and registering it in you name is easy, but just so there are no surprises or misunderstandings, when you purchase a domain name from Cyberspace Digital, LLC, the owner of SuperHeroDomains.Com, here are things you should know, understand and agree to before making a purchase:

  • You are purchasing a "naked" domain name. The purchase does not include a website, content, hosting, or any related accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Once the domain name is successfully transferred to you, the seller has fulfilled its obligation and shall have no further obligation or liability to you.
  • In most cases, we can arrange to transfer your domain name to a domain registrar of your choosing.  If, however, the domain name is within the ICANN mandatory 60 lock period, then it will be necessary for you to open a free account at the existing registrar so that we can push the name to your account and give you control of the name at the time of sale.
  • Depending on the circumstances (workday, weekend, holiday, etc.) I normally will begin the transfer process within a few hours of payment being confirmed, and often immediately upon confirmation of payment. 
  • There are steps you will need to take with your domain registrar and with Escrow.Com if you elect to use that service before the transfer/push can be completed.  I have no control over how long you take to complete those steps.
  • If you purchase a domain name and you feel that I have not been responsive enough in transferring the name to you, I will refund your purchase price at any time prior to the domain name leaving my control.  Once the name leaves my control, the sale is final.
  • All sales are handled through either Paypal (less than $500) or Escrow.Com (any amount).  You may choose the service you wish to use, the only limitation being that any sale of $500 or more must go through Escrow.Com.  I will pay 100% of the fees charged by Escrow.Com.
  • In the unlikely event that the domain name cannot be pushed or transferred to your account and you have completed payment, your full purchase price will be refunded within one business day.  If your funds are held by a third party (Paypal, Escrow.Com, etc.), then within one business day I will issue instructions to that party to refund your money.
  • I will always deal with you in good faith, but if unexpected circumstances arise which prevent me from transferring the domain name to you, your only remedy is to receive a refund of any funds I have received from you.  We agree that you will not be entitled to incidental, consequential, lost profit, lost opportunity, or other forms of damages that may arise as a result of the transaction not being completed.

That's It.  Thanks,


Your Domain Name Matters!

(You Need a "Super Hero" Name)

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